Meet TK Sharma


TK Sharma

Prateek (TK) graduated from Auckland University in 2016 with a BHSc in Oral Health and received an academic prize of excellence. 

TK’s motto is GENTLE DENTAL and he provides both simple and complex scaling and polishing of the teeth, as well as periodontal treatment, and teeth whitening. 

TK is compassionate and understanding, always striving to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible and therefore, takes the time to explain every step, throughout the appointment.

TK provides general dental care to children up to their 18th birthday and also preventative treatments for adults. In addition, he is a Dental Benefits practitioner as well. This means, your child if at secondary school, can be seen for most dental procedures for FREE up until their 18th birthday.

 TK works alongside Paul and Dora in providing Orthodontic treatment as well.

Outside of the clinic, TK enjoys the outdoors and keeping fit. He also loves to play guitar and travel.

Next time when you visit us, take a look in the upstairs waiting room to see if you can spot his guitar.

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