Preventive Care and Periodontal Therapy

Preventive care is the focus of Kumeu Dental.

Our friendly hygienists are an essential part of this aspect of our practice. At your routine preventive care appointment, you will have an evaluation of your risk of experiencing any form of periodontal disease (gum disease). After determining the level of your oral health, we carry out a coordinated care approach that helps ensure the health of your smile for years to come.

our plan

Areas of oral health that are assessed at your appointment include screening for:

  • Bleeding
  • Calculus (tartar) above and below the gum line
  • Bone loss
  • Pocket depth (severity of tissue detachment)

Depending on the severity of these risk factors, we create an individual care plan that may include routine hygiene appointments, surgical removal of calculus and plaque, removal of stain and the use of decay-preventing agents. Along with a tailored home care plan, routine hygiene services help maintain the health of your teeth and gums, preventing severe gum disease which would otherwise lead to tooth loss.

Peridontal Treatment

You have been diagnosed with periodontal disease which is also referred to as periodontitis.

This will mean that you need to have a more in depth treatment to stop the progression of the disease. 

The disease can often present with little or no apparent symptoms. The gums can appear pink, healthy and you may feel no pain, however there can be significant build up of calculus below the gum line causing inflammation and bone loss around the teeth. This can be a localised problem affecting a few teeth or a more extensive problem affecting all the teeth. The diagnosis imay be made by one of our dentists at your examination appointment or by one of our hygienists at a routine hygiene appointment. In some cases you may be advised to see a specialist periodontist if the problems are severe or you do not respond to treatment.

Initial visit

At this appointment the extent of the problems are determined. A detailed history is taken to see if there are any risk factors present such as smoking, diabetes, family history, etc.

Full mouth pocket depth measurements are recorded at six sites around every tooth. This is a very accurate indicator of problems and is measured with a tiny measuring probe. Pocket depths over 3 mm are normally a sign of disease. An initial scale of the mouth is also carried out. The treatment plan will be discussed and you will be given a printed quote.

Quadrant or Half mouth root planing

Root planing is a procedure used to remove bacteria and calculus from below the gum line to leave a smooth polished root surface. A combination of ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments are used to achieve this. This part of the treatment can be carried out over two appointments completing half the mouth per appointment or over four appointments completing a quarter of the mouth per appointment, local anesthetic is often necessary to eliminate any discomfort. Your hygienist will advise you on the best treatment option.

Review visit

A review appointment is scheduled after the root planing is completed. Full mouth pocket depth measurements are retaken to identify any areas that may need close monitoring. A fine-scale and polish is undertaken to make sure all surfaces are smooth and polished.

Further periodontal maintenance is critical in the long-term health of the tissues as well as meticulous home care.